It’s Not Your Mission That’s Holding You Back!

Older ministries that are not meeting their funding goals, or those that experience an outright decline in donor funding, can begin to panic.  They can make desperate decisions, like changing a long-held mission.

The reality is that many ministry organizations would rather change their mission than identify, accept, and then address those internal issues that are the most likely sources of their funding problems.  So they place the blame on their mission and throw away years of mission investment to focus on areas that may seem to have greater funding potential, but in the end become their undoing.

Your mission is worthy because God validates it, not because man funds it.  Your history proves your mission’s value, even if you haven’t had much success in demonstrating that to donors.

Ministry leaders and boards that are currently looking into the abyss of mounting debt and decreased funding and that desire a way back to their golden days of funding, must start by asking the hard questions and be willing to hear the unvarnished answers.  There’s an old saying that goes, “you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge,” and for ministries in decline, that couldn’t be more true.

A great first step is to open opportunities for those who are, or were, closest to the organization to safely communicate their attitudes and perceptions.  Donor’s who have never returned should also be included in this so that the truth about the things that are holding you back can begin to truly set you free!!!